Specialty Gardens

Our focus here is especially for the client that loves the year around expression of unique and special characters. Many times the clients are themselves “amateur horticulturists” or at least have an abundant appreciation of landscape characters. This area of landscaping is a particular joy of ours, primarily due to the unique possibilities and working with the client desires.

There are so many underutilized plants, in shrubbery, annual, and perennial choices. We love the unique and exploration of the unlimited options. All plants have a character and have their own way of expressing qualities such as mundane or functional, exciting, calmness, formal, natural, exotic, etc. This is important when it comes designing a Specialty Garden such as oriental flare, or water garden, or naturalized setting, or maybe u want to promote wildlife. There are English Gardens, rose and Herb gardens, and of course perennial Gardens. I also like to use tropicals to create a feeling of warmth and sun. I like tropicals because of the unique and abundant blooming such as Hibiscus, Gardenia, and Jasmine and such foliage characters such as crotons, palms, bamboos and calocasias. They are for example of particular character and not necessarily appreciated by everyone. We endeavor to find what flavor you in particular appreciate.