Our Landscaping Services

Sustainable Landscape principles: are simply practices with environmental impact concerns that are carried out in maintaining an existing or in the design of new landscapes. In the larger urban areas of the country this is an increasing concern and in some areas, demanded, principles to incorporate in landscape practices. For instance Water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource that needs to be monitored. We need to be conscious of potential runoff (thus the increasing use of “permeable pavers”) and the irrigation uses of this resource. Its practices are inclusive to how we handle yard waste (ours is all composted) and reduce landfill pressures. We conscientiously monitor Insect and Disease pressures and treat on specific problems as opposed to a broad cast, routine overspray of pesticides. In landscape design we are conscious of plant choices that are more durable, less insect and disease potentials, and suitable to the sites that reduce overall maintenance. We try to use organic based products as much as possible such as in the lawn application products and in the landscape bed fertilizers. We use in many cases chicken manure products either in pelletized form or as compost. Since our business is so environmentally based it is only natural that we lead the industry in practicing environmental concerns.